Memorandum for Correspondents: Albert Rees to Norman Murdock

by Jakina Debnam on May 7, 1975
by Jakina Debnam

Following is the text of a telegram Albert Rees, Director of the Council on Wage and Price Stability, sent to Representative Norman A. Murdock of the Ohio legislature in response to his request for a Council opinion on a bill which would compel prices to appear on grocery store items:

We are informed that H. 720, a bill to require prices in arabic numbers to be marked on merchandise displayed for sale, is being considered by the Ohio legislature. Such bills would deprive consumers of much of the considerable savings to be achieved through automated checkstands. Such systems should be given a complete and fair test to ascertain whether or not adequate price information can be given consumers through shelf labels and itemized receipts. H. 720 would prevent testing and therefore, we urge that it be defeated.

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