Comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability Before the Food and Drug Administration: Proposed Exemption of Individually Wrapped Piece of Confectionery From Required Net Weight Standards

by Vaughn C. Williams on May 19, 1975
by Vaughn C. Williams and George C. Eads

The following comments are submitted by the Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (“FDA’s”) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to exempt certain categories of individually wrapped pieces of confectionery’ from the existing net quantity of contents labeling requirements in Part 1 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. That Notice was published on March 13, 1975 at 40 Federal Register 11731. The  staff of the Council requests that the FDA waive its May 12, 1975 filing date with respect to these comments.

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