Statement of George Eads Before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Public Meeting on Occupant Crash Protection

by George C. Eads on May 23, 1975
by George C. Eads

Both test alternatives are preferable to going ahead with implementation of the new restraint standard. The Government should not require the installation of air bags or passive belts on the basis of little more than a faith in the technology and the results of a very small number of crashes. However, if a decision is made to go ahead with the air bag as the primary passive restraint technology, I would suggest that Congress be asked to pass legislation confirming this

decision. The 30-day no-concurrence joint resolution now required is inadequate. Considering our previous experience with the ignitioninterlock,

the last thing we want is for the auto makers and the public to bear the expense of tooling up to produce air bags and then have Congress decide that the public doesn’t want the system. Going this route would also have the advantage of posing squarely the choice between air bags and the alternative that Congress has so far ignored mandatory seat belt laws…

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