Memorandum to George C. Eads from Robert L. Greene: Deregulation of Old Crude Production

by George C. Eads on June 4, 1975
by George C. Eads

The Federal Energy Administration (FEA) proposes to deregulate the price of old crude over the next 25 months at the rate of 4 percent per month of the currently regulated 1972 base production level. The intent of the deregulation is to assist in attaining the President’s energy conservation program in which consumption of energy resources would be reduced and domestic production of fuels would be increased. The announcement contains a certification that-the inflationqry impact of the proposal has been considered consistent with Executive Order 11821. Asummary of this analysis has been received bv COWPS.

A review the summary has left some unanswered questions to which FEA might address either further analysis or greater clarification…

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