Additional Comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability Regarding Environmental Protection Agency Proposed Noise Emission Standards of Medium and Heavy Trucks

by Council on Wage and Price Stability on July 10, 1975
by Council on Wage and Price Stability

Lowering noise standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks to 80 dB(A), the second stage of proposed EPA regulations, may not be justified on a cost-benefit basis according to a revised analysis sent to EPA by the Council on Wage and Price Stability.

On May 9, 1975, the Council filed comments with EPA on noise emission standards for medium and heavy trucks. At that time, the Council stated it would continue to study areas of uncertainty identified in that analysis. The Council has received additional data indicating that the estimates were overly conservative because of assumptions regarding mileage, horsepower savings and capital costs. The original analysis concluded that a decrease from the 86 dB(A) level to the 83 dB(A) level was economically justified. The 80 dB(A) level was analyzed to be suspect and needed further economic justification.

The original analysis has been redone for both the 83 dB(A) and 80 dB(A).  It is concluded that economic justificaiton for the 80 dB(A) standard is even more suspect than the original analysis indicated.

A copy of the revised technical analysis is available from the Council’s Public Affairs Office.

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