Comments of the Council on Wage and Prices Stability: The National Railroad Passenger Corporation’s Proposed Criteria and Procedures for Making Route and Service Decisions

by Michael H. Moscow on October 29, 1975
by Michael H. Moscow, Vaughn C. Williams and James C. Miller

On October 29, 1975, the Board of Directors of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation sent to the Senate and to the House of Representatives its proposed criteria and procedures (the “Board Proposal”) to be used when initiating new passenger rail routes and when discontinuing existing routes, under the Amtrak Improvement Act of 1975 (the “Act”). This Board Proposal has been sent to the Conqress, as required by the Act, to initiate a 60 day period within which either House could reiect the proposal by a majority vote resolution. The Council on Waqe and Price Stability has analyzed this Board Proposal and has concluded that the Board’s proposed criteria may be inadequate…

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