Report on Family Flour Prices

by Thomas M. Lenard on October 29, 1975
by Thomas M. Lenard and Robert W. Crandall

Twice within the past three months the major millers announced that they were increasing the wholesale price of family flour in response to higher wheat prices. These increases marked a reversal in the earlier  trend of price declines. Since January 1 of this year, prices had been reduced three times. Feeling that the increase in flour prices might be premature, we decided at the time of the first price increases to look into the relationship between wheat and flour prices. Our findings are presented in the enclosed report. Our conclusion is that the behavior of flour prices is what would be expected given the behavior of wheat prices…  Thus, the recent changes in the wholesale price of family flour are in keeping with recent price changes in the wheat markets. We plan to continue to monitor flour prices to see if any declines in wheat prices are indeed rapidly passed on to consumers. The enclosed report was prepared by Thomas Lenard, Staff Economist, under the direction of Robert Crandall, Assistant Director for Wage and Price Monitoring…

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