Council on Wage and Price Stability: Final Rulemaking- Inflationary Activities in Public and Private Sectors

by Michael H. Moscow on December 23, 1975
by Michael H. Moscow

Attached is a copy of the Council’s final rulemaking regarding the procedures for issuance of subpoenas and of orders requiring periodic reports.  The regulations also set for the procedures for requesting data from other government agencies and for confidential treatment of data submitted to the Council… On October 10, 1975, the Council on Wage and Price Stability (“Council”) published in the Federal Register a proposed rulemaking establishing procedures for the Council’s investigations into inflationary and potential inflationary activities in the public and private sectors of the economy (40 Fed. Reg. 47801). The regulatIons would establish a new Part 704 of Chapter 7, in Title 6 of the Code of Federal Regulations, consisting of four subparts: Subpart A – General; Subpart B – Subpoenas; Subpart C – Periodic Reports; and Subpart D Data from other agencies …

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