Comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability: Before the U.S. Department of Agriculture: Price Support Program For Milk

by Michael H. Moscow on February 4, 1976
by Michael H. Moscow, Thomas M. Lenard, Vaughn C. Williams and James C. Miller

The Council on Wage and Price Stability (“Council”) hereby submits its comments to the Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) on the price support program for milk. The Secretary of Agriculture is currently considering the terms and conditions of the price support program for milk for the 1976-1977 marketing year beginning April 1, 1976. Under the Agricultural Act of 1949, as amended, the support price is set between 75 and 90 percent of parity and is achieved by the willingness of the Commodity Credit Corporation (“CCC”) to purchase manufactured products (butter, nonfat dry milk and cheese) at prices designed to return the support price to the farmer…

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