Remarks By Michael H. Moskow Before the National Conference on EEE Issues of the National Environmental Development Associaiton: “Environmental Regulatoin: Costs and Benefits”

by Michael H. Moscow on February 24, 1976
by Michael H. Moscow

The interest of the Council on Wage and Price Stability in environmental and other regulation is directly related to the three “E’s” of· this conference, economic, environmental and energy matters. Both the Council and your organization are dedicated to a common cause — the proper balance of key issues in determining public policy. Putting the “E’s” together requires a balancing of each of these objectives. Our particular perspective is to insure that the economic aspects of regulation are given full weight in the decision making process. To an extent, we are asking program managers
and policy makers to try to assess what environmental, or any other governmental, regulation is worth to our society. This is not an easy task, because environmental protection has differing value to different people, even differing value to the same people at differing times or under differing circumstances. It depends on their access to the pleasures a clean environment affords, and on their access to the products and pleasures whose production competes with the preservation of the environment. The value of environmental protection is not, therefore, a number but the product of an equation which requires continual updating…

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