Comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability: Before the Food and Drug Administration: Drained Weights for Processed Fruits and Vegetables

by Michael H. Moscow on May 12, 1976
by Michael H. Moscow, Peter H. Lowry, Dianne Levine and Thomas D. Hopkins

The Council on Wage and Price Stability (“Council”) hereby submits its comments on the proposal of the Commissioner of Food and Drugs {“FDA”} to adopt regulations to require label declarations of the drained weight of all canned fruit and vegetable products. In addition, minimum average drained weight requirements are being proposed for almost four-fifths of the total production of canned fruits and vegetables. This proposed regulation was published in the November 7, 1975 issue of the Federal Register (40 FR 52172) with an invitation for interested parties to submit comments by February 5, 1976. The comment period was later extended to May 5, 1976. By permission of Mr. Randolph, Deputy Associate Commissioner for Compliance, Food and Drug Administration, the Council was given until May 12, 1976 to file its comments.

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