Remarks by William Lilley III Before the Environment/ Economy Conference of the Public Relations Society of America

by William Lilley on June 9, 1976
by William Lilley

Federal regulation and protection of our common environmental and energy resources is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, the members of this panel represent some of the youngest Federal agencies in existence. But the tasks given to them affect every American in very basic ways: For example. cleaner air, cleaner water, a different use of natural resources, a higher cost of living — in short, a new and Government,-mandated cost/benefit balance in all of our lives. It is that latter point which the Council on Wage and Price Stability addresses. Our perspective is to insure that the economic aspects of regulation are given full weight by program managers in the decision-making process. However, the background against which this decision-making takes place is quite complex. Let me just briefly address the issues involved in the environmental area by summarizing the Council’s previously stated position about this kind of regulation…

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