Remarks of James C. Miller III Before the National Conference on Care Labeling: “Care Labeling: COWPS Looks ate Costs and Benefits”

by James C. Miller on July 20, 1976
by James C. Miller

“Madam Moderator, fellow panelists, distinguished participants, and invited guests: it is a pleasure to join you today in discussing an important and timely topic–the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) recent proposed revision in its care labeling rule (41 FR 3747). I congratulate the sponsors of this conference for significantly adding to the understanding of the problem and enriching the record on which the FTC will base its decision. I am particularly struck by the serious – spirit of inquiry which is represented here and which characterizes the FTC’s deliberations in this proceeding. In this conference there is participation by representatives of Congress, the executive branch, consumers, the care industry, manufacturers, and retailers. While it may seem that such diversity would breed strong disagreement, we may be hopeful that, through airing the issues and generating a better understanding of the problem, this conference will contribute toward a more informed decision which, in the long run, will be in the best interest of us all…”

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