Proposed Regulations Governing State Underground Injection Control Programs

by William Lilley on October 27, 1976
by William Lilley


On August 31, 1976, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed regulations to assure that underground drinking water sources used now or in the future by public water systems are not endangered as a result of underground injection of contaminants (41 FR 36730). These regulations, governing State underground injection control (UIC) programs, were proposed pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water Act of (SDWA, Public Law 93-523)


 The SDWA specifically requires EPA to regulate those activities that endanger subsurface water supplies for public water systems — systems which have at least 15 connections or regularly serve at least 25 individuals at least 60 days each year. The proposed regulations would be implemented and enforced by the States through individual State UIC programs.

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