Before the FAA: Use of Access Road to Dulles International Airport

by Roger Mallet on November 4, 1976
by Roger Mallet


The Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) submits this Petition to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pursuant to Section 11.25 of FAA rules (14 C.F.R. Section 11.25). The Petition requests that the FAA initiate a rulemaking proceeding and schedule a public hearing to consider an amendment to an FAA rule as follows:

1. This Petition proposes an amendment to Section 159.35 of FAA rules (14 C.F.R. Section 159.35). The current text of that rule, which generally prohibits use of the access road to Dulles International Airport except for traffic to or from the Airport, is as follows:


Section 159.35 Use of access road to Dulles International Airport.

(a) The access road to Dulles International Airport from the terminal building to its terminus at United States route number 66 constitutes a part of the airport property. Except in an emergency, private vehicles are authorized to enter upon the road only for the purpose of going to, or leaving, the airport. Entry by such a vehicle upon the road for any other ourpose is not authorized and is a trespass upon United States property.


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