Interim Regulations on the Acquisition, Alteration or Renovation of Facilities for Multipurpose Senior Centers

by William Lilley on November 9, 1976
by William Lilley

On September 19, 1976, the Administration on Aging of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) announced interim regulations for implementing certain provisions of Sections 501-505 of Title V of the Older Americans Comprehensive Services Amendment of 1973 (Public Law 93-29, 41, 38612). These interim rules will be in effect until final rules are promulgated on the basis of the instant rulemaking procedure.


The interim rules make provisions for grants to States and state designated agencies for the purpose of purchasing, altering,


or renovating buildings for multipurpose senior centers. The term “multipurpose senior center” was defined in the enabling legislation as “… a community facility for the organization and provision of a broad spectrum of services (including provision of health, social, and educational services and provision of facilities for recreational activities) for older persons” (ibid., Section 501). In addition, according to the interim rules, grants could also be used to purchase equipment and furnishings for use in senior centers.


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