Before the ICC: Investigation to Consider Further Modification of the Piggy Service Regulations

by Milton Kafoglis on January 1, 1977
by Milton Kafoglis


The Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) hereby submits its comments to the Interstate Commerce Commission (Commission) on whether there continues to be a need for any circuity limitation on Trailer-on-Flatcar (TOFC or piggyback) service (49 CFR Part 1090). The Council’s comments relate specifically to a proposed rulemaking instituted by the Commission to “develop information concerning whether there continues to be an economic justification for any circuity limitations on TOFC services and, if so, what the limitations should be in light of current economic conditions … ” (41 FR 48130). Comments concerning this rulemaking are due March 1, 1977 (41 FR 52752).


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