Before the Federal Communications Commission: UHF Television Receiver Noise Figures

by Robert W. Crandall on March 16, 1977
by Robert W. Crandall

The Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) hereby submits its comments to the Federal Communications Commission (Commission or FCC) in response to the Notice of Inquiry and Proposed Rulemaking concerning a petition of the Council for UHF Broadcasting, et al. (CUB), to reduce the noise figure required for UHF television receivers (41 FR 56211). The CUB petition seeks to reduce the maximum noise figure presently required by Section 15.67 of the Commission’s Rules and Regulations from 18 dB to 10 dB, within a period of 30 months.

In its Notice of Inquiry and Proposed Rulemaking the Commission stated that “more information is required above that contained in this petition and the oppositions thereto to allow a decision to be reached which considers all pertinent economic and technical effects of a change in the required UHF receiver noise figures … ” (41 FR 6210). Accordingly, the Commission requested comments on a variety of issues. The date for filing initial comments was extended to March 17, 1977, with reply comments to follow.

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