Council Asks EPA to Postpone Action on Emmission Standards for Grain Elevators

by Robert W. Crandall on April 4, 1977
by Robert W. Crandall

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should postpone action on proposed emission standards for newly-constructed grain elevators until it has considered all significant costs of the proposal, the Council on Wage and Price Stability recommended Friday. In a filinq before EPA, the Council identified additional annual costs of $67 million which could result from shipping delays if EPA’s proposals were implemented.
EPA’s proposal, which is expected to affect some 500 new or modified grain elevators within the next five years, would, among other things, require grain handlers to construct buildings equipped with specified air filter systems for the loading or unloading of railcars and trucks. The Agency estimates that grain dust emissions will be reduced 99 percent when the proposed standards are met. However, as noted in the Council’s filing, the Agency does not identify any health or welfare benefits which would result from the emission reduction.

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