Letter to Council for UHF Broadcasting

by Robert W. Crandall on April 11, 1977
by Robert W. Crandall

Dear Mr. Block:

This is in response to your letter dated April 7, 1977 to Secretary of the Treasury Blumenthal regarding the Council on Wage and Price Stability’s recent filing before the Federal Communications Commission in Docket No. 21010.

As you are probably aware, the Council’s filing was submitted pursuant to Section 3 (a) (8) of the Council on Wage and Price Stability Act which directs the Council to “intervene and otherwise participate on its own behalf in rulemaking. . . proceedings before any of the. . agencies of the United States, in order to present its views as to the inflationary impact that might result from the possible outcomes of such proceedings.” The Council’s filing and press release were handled according to Council procedures and practices followed in about 100 formal filings of the Council over the past two and one-half years.

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