Council Urges Noise Charges to Reduce Airport Noise

by Robert W. Crandall on April 15, 1977
by Robert W. Crandall

If major airports were to adopt noise charges as the principal means of reducing airport noise, more noise abatement at lower costs would likely result, according to the Council on Wage and Price Stability. In a filing before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Council urged FAA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage local airports to adopt a noise charge approach to the control of airport noise.

The Council’s filing recognized airport noise as a serious problem which costs property owners around airports some $3.25 billion annually in decreased property values. The noise charge approach to this problem was found by the Council to be superipr to alternative methods of airport noise control such as imposing curfews, banning operation of certain noisy aircraft, and costly purchasing of land surrounding airports.

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