Council Analyzes New Contract in Communications

by Council on Wage and Price Stability on October 14, 1977
by Council on Wage and Price Stability




Terms of the collective bargaining agreement reached between the Communications Workers of America and the American Telephone and Telegraph Company probably will result in wage increases of about 25 percent over the three-year life of the pact, according to a council study released today. The figure takes into account provisions for cost of living increases and is based on a 6 percent inflation rate. The compensation increases in the new contract generally match gains achieved in other major union contracts in the 1976-77 period which exceed increases in wage and fringe benefits in the overall economy by about 1 percent. The cost of the agreement, both in terms of wages and fringe benefits, represents some moderation in contrast to the 1974 settlement. The total cost of the new agreement to the Bell System, however, will depend on productivity rates and the relationship of labor outlays to total costs.



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