Before the Interstate Commerce Commission: Upward Fare Flexibility in the Intercity Passenger Market. Petition of Trailways Inc., for the Institution of a Rulemaking Proceeding

by Barry Bosworth on February 16, 1979
by Barry Bosworth, Daniel S. R. Duff, Thomas D. Hopkins and Elizabeth Pinkston

The Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) hereby submits its comments to the Interstate Commerce
commission (ICC or Commission) on the petition of Trailways, Inc. (Trailways) for the institution of a rulemaking proceeding on upward fare flexibility in the intercity bus passenger market. Although not opposed in principle to upward fare flexibility, the Council feels that unless it is accompanied (or preceded) by freedom of entry and by the elimination of antitrust immunity for collective ratemaking, it could lead to abuses in the form of excessive price increases.

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