Notice of Probable Noncompliance to Ace Industries and ABC Workers of America

by Sean Sullivan on November 27, 1979
by Sean Sullivan

The Office of Pay Monitoring of the Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) has examined information relating to the June 15, 1979, three-year collective bargaining agreement negotiated between Ace Industries (Ace) and ABC (the
Union). On the basis of this examination, the Council has reason to believe that the collective bargaining agreement
between Ace and the Union is not in compliance with the Voluntary Standards for Noninflationary Pay and Price
Behavior, 6 CFR Part 705, and specifically with Section 705B-3 (Application of the Pay Standard to Collective Bargaining Agreements) . The voluntary standards and implementing procedures are authorized by the Council on Wage and Price Stability Act, as amended, 12 U.S.C. Section 1904, note, and E.O. 12092. Failure to comply with the standards can result in the placing of a company’s name on a public list of noncompliers, 6 CFR Section 706.54.

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