BEFORE THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION: General Increases in Motor Carrier Rates & Charges

by Roy A. Nierenberg on March 12, 1980
by Roy A. Nierenberg, Arthur J. Corazzini, Corin L. Kahn, Donald L. Zimmerman, Robert C. Baesemann and R. Robert Russell

The Council on Wage and Price Stability announced today it has filed a protest with the Interstate Commerce Commission against the recently filed requests for general rate increases for the nation’s regulated trucking industry. Unless suspended by the ICC the proposed increases by the major motor-carrier rate bureaus would become effective April 1, 1980.  The Council told the ICC that truck rate increases since the beginning of the President’s voluntary anti-inflation program, together with the proposed increases, would range from 24 to 28 percent for the different rate bureaus. In each case, the proposed increase is well in excess of the allowable increase under the two-year price standard.  In its September 15, 1978, “Policy Statement on Inflation”, the ICC expressed its intention to review general rate filings for consistency with the President’s anti-inflation program. More recently, in other rate proceedings, the Commission further stated that compliance with the President’s voluntary price standards, administered by the Council, is an important criterion for evaluation of such proposals. “The Council has determined that the proposed rate increases would not be consistent with the price standards,” the Council stated. ” Accordingly, the Council urges the Commission to suspend and to investigate the proposed increases.”  (A copy of the filing to the ICC is attached.)

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