Environmental Protection Agency Proposed National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monodxide

by Regulatory Analysis Review Group on November 25, 1980
by Regulatory Analysis Review Group

The Regulatory Analysis Review Group (RARG) submitted the attached report to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on its proposed changes in the ambient air pollution standard for carbon monoxide (CO). The RARG report indicates that the scientific research on the health effects of CO which EPA used to support the proposed standard could also be used to support alternative (either more or less stringent) standards, and recommends more extensive analysis of the health effects. The report also identifies several problems with EPA’s cost estimates, suggesting the marginal costs of meeting the proposed CO ambient standards were understated by EPA. Finally, the RARG report’s cost-effectiveness analysis indicates that the proposed standard would lead to relatively high costs per sick day avoided, although the RARG recognizes that under current court interpretation the Clean Air Act prohibits the consideration of costs in setting the ambient standard.

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