Comments of the Federal Communications Commission Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Policy and Rules Concerning Rates for Competitive Common Carrier Services and Facilities Authorizations Therefor

by Paige Jackson on May 1, 1981
by Paige Jackson

Attached are the staff comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability on the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to further deregulate carriers lacking market power on a market specific basis (46 FR 10924). The Council on Wage and Price Stability staff strongly supports the Commission’s proposal. If implemented, the Commission’s proposal would free carriers facing competition from unnecessary regulation and would allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of enhanced competition, while maintaining protection against real monopoly abuses. We believe the Commission could go further in its effort to deregulate competitive services, while continuing to protect competitors and users of telecommunications services from monopoly abuses. First, we suggest the Commission.take account of potential substitutability between MTS/WATS and private line services for large business users in its market power determinations. Second, we believe that AT&T’s and the independents’ private line services, and Western Union’s pUblic switched record services face sufficient
actual and potential competition to exempt them from Title II regulation. Third, any deregulation of AT&T services should be conditioned on the establishment of a separate subsidiary to provide those services and rate regulation of core network facilities. We request that these comments be placed in the pUblic record for this proceeding.

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