Department of Transportation

Special Air Traffic Rules and Airport Traffic Patterns

by Council on Wage and Price Stability January 26, 1981 Department of Transportation

Attached are the staff comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability on the Department of Transportation’s proposed procedures for allocating the hourly number of instrument flight operations that may be reserved at Washington National Airport in accordance with the FAA’s High Density Rule (45 FR 71236). We request that these comments be placed […]

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Comments of the Council on Wage and Price Stability: Domestic Flag, and Supplemental Air Carriers and Commercial Operators of Large Aircraft: Air Taxi Operators and Commercial Operators; Flight Crewmember and Duty Time Limitations and Rest Requirements

by Jay H. Walder December 10, 1980 Department of Transportation

The Council on Wage and Price Stability (Council) submits these comments on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) August 1980 proposal to revise the flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements for flight crewmembers serving with domestic, flag, and supplemental air carriers, commercial operators and air taxi operators. The proposed rules, a supplement to an […]

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Before the Department of Transportation: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Hours of Service

by Elizabeth Pinkston November 20, 1978 Department of Transportation

In the past few years, the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety has noted a steady increase in the number of accidents involving commercial trucks and buses.  Based on various studies, the Bureau believes that fatigue is an important contributing factor. The proposed changes in rules governing drivers’ hours are intended to improve highway safety by […]

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To the Department of Transportation: Report of the Regulatory Analysis Review Group on DOT Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap Regulations

by Council on Wage and Price Stability October 20, 1978 Department of Transportation

Dear Mr. Adams: The Regulatory Analysis Review Group has completed its review concerning the proposed nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap regulations. On June 23 and July 19, respectively, I submitted for the Department of Transportation’s public record a notice that this proposal had been selected for review and -a list of the issues the […]

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Department of Transportation Comments on a proposed RARG comment

by Department of Transportation October 20, 1978 Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation has seen the proposed RARGcomments and is preparing to review them as part of the Section 504 rulemaking docket and, therefore, will not comment at this time. Other agency comments follow.

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Testimony of James C. Miller III: Department of Transportation: Load Factor Standards

by James C. Miller December 1, 1975 Department of Transportation

In this testimony I shall present the theoretical basis for load factor standards and shall make some assessment of their optimal level and structure … In the first section I outline the non-price competing model of the airlines to which several witnesses have testified in previous proceedings, and to which the Board apparently adheres… In subsequent sections […]

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