Wage Issues (Wage Differentials

Statement By Jack Meyer at the Council’s Public Symposium on Wage Differentials

by Jack A. Meyer June 2, 1976 Wage Issues (Wage Differentials

The Council on Wage and Price Stability is pleased to conduct this public symposium to discuss wage differentials among different categories of workers in the U.S. labor force. One aspect of the wage structure that has received attention among economists, labor and management representatives, and government analysts is the gap between the compensation of union […]

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Union Relative Wage Effects: New Evidence and a Survey of their Implications for Wage Inflation

by Orley Ashenfelter May 1, 1976 Wage Issues (Wage Differentials

The measurement of any excess of the wage rate of union workers over nonunion workers no longer stimulates much controversy in the U.S. The measurement methods have been standardized and there is now a broad consensus on how these union wage effects have moved over time and even how they differ as between black and […]

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